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The most obvious sign of cheating is lying. When your spouse lies to you for unnecessary reasons, there is a thick chance that he/she is cheating on you. These lies can be anything, like working extra hours, frequent parties you are not invited to, midnight official calls, coffee or dinner with their long lost friends, etc.

Here are a few ways to detect a lie; first of all, note the body language of your spouse. A liar will always avoid eye contact with the person they are lying to. They try to fidget with things, like maybe itching their ears, touching their throat, face, mouth, nose or give you extra unnecessary justifications. If they are lying to you, they definitely have something to hide from you.



Your spouse may start keeping things from you. They would not tell you quite a few things that you should know. They will not be comfortable discussing things with you anymore. They may move away from you when they get a call. They may delete their phone history, and even change their passwords. If you share an account, you might not find them accessing it anymore. If they are elusive about their whereabouts, then there can be a chance that you are being cheated on.



A sudden change in the physical appearance can also be a sign of an affair. They may suddenly start shopping for new clothes, change their dressing sense, have a different hairstyle, wear a different perfume, etc.. These can be indications of an extramarital affair.



If the attitude of your spouse suddenly changes, without any reason, it can be because of an affair. If they suddenly become extremely nice to you, which is not their normal self, the reason can be the guilt of an affair. On the other hand, they can also get very arrogant and intolerant. They may suddenly build a weird attitude, and pretend its their new way of perceiving their self-esteem.



If you notice that your spouse has suddenly realized that you aren’t giving them enough space, they probably want to move away from you. Chances are, they have found someone else that they want to spend time with. They may demand space by giving you justifications like, it’s their life, they like being alone now or they need a break from things. In such cases, they are only trying to pull off from you. The idea of having their own space, somehow helps them in coping with their guilt of cheating or allowing their tryst to continue unimpeded.  



While having an affair, people usually try balancing their legs on both the boats. Showering extra love over you, is a contradictory behavior of coping with their guilt. They will start faking their gestures of love because of their developing guilt. A sudden surprise of expensive gifts, candle light dinners, too much of attention, and affection can be signs of a cheat. Apart from a guilty conscience, this can also be a cover up, so you don’t doubt them.



Being mostly out of reach or not answering your calls, can be another sign. If your partner starts avoiding conversations with you, spending time with you or starts avoiding you on the whole, they may have found your replacement. Chances are, someone else is taking your place and they enjoy spending time and sharing conversations with this other person now.

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Perhaps the clearest sign that your spouse is having an affair is in the event they choose to become "roommates" with their lover yet explanations are always platonic in nature. Obviously, this affords them the opportunity to be together as often as possible and engage in their illicit behavior as frequently as they wish. They've proved beyond any doubt their love for you has run cold and they have found someone else - even if the someone else looks like a tiny caucasian troll, broke as shit and lives in a complete dump.

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