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I've held countless roles in my lifetime: a father, a son, a husband, a brother and friend for example. Perhaps most rewarding; however, is that of my passion as a serial adulterer. There is simply nothing more rewarding than manipulating someone for my own pleasure and gains. In fact, I have become so proficient at it that I'm known as "Deuce Bigalow of Lewis County" or the "Hillbilly Homewrecker". I learned a long time ago that physical attraction is not necessary to exploit a vulnerable woman with low self-esteem or who may be in an unhappy relationship. Interestingly enough, the attraction aspect goes both ways: they could be mentally challenged, physically deformed or have the face of a bulldog - the only qualities I'm looking for is lonely and willing. In fact, I've been known to nail blondes, brunettes, redheads and crackheads. Here's the thing: if you appear even somewhat interested most women are more than happy to do just about anything for positive attention. I've even convinced some to pay my rent and purchase gifts for me and my kids. Some say that this means that I have no respect for women - I prefer to look at it as I'm providing a service to the desperate and needy.

Through trial and error, I've leaned that there are certain things to avoid or prioritize when hooking-up with the wife or girlfriend of another man.

  1. Never engage with the other man under any circumstance ​​

    • boyfriends or husbands are notoriously angry and vengeful ​- this can lead to severe injury or worse

    • it's much more difficult to keep two lies straight - allow the woman to weave the web of deceit and betrayal

  2. Block the boyfriend or husband from all of your social media accounts

    • ​create alternate profiles with fake names / alias'​​

    • if possible (depending on the social media) make your profiles completely private.

  3. At whatever costs prevent the boyfriend or husband from knowing where you live

    • having to call the authorities (police) when an angry boyfriend or husband knocks on your door ​can be avoided

  4. ​Use third-party apps to hide your conversations, pictures and videos

    • alternatively, purchase a burner phone for you and your "girlfriend"

    • phone calls and texts can be easily tracked through traditional service provider records​​​

  5. Lie to your "girlfriend" whenever possible ​​

    • bear in mind this is strictly a numbers game - how many times can you get laid?​

    • emotions should play no part in your extramarital affair. 

  6. Attend your "girlfriend's" family gatherings whenever possible

    • befriend her kids and relatives and turn them against the boyfriend or husband​

  7. Always wear protection even if your "girlfriend" claims to be fixed or on birth control

    • paying support to a child is an eighteen year obligation

    • you may find out years later (and several thousand dollars too late) that the kid isn't even yours

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The Other Women - Reviews

female 1.png

Jane Doe, 38


I hate to admit it, but my decision to have an affair was wrong on every level. Jason acted as a savior, but I eventually learned the truth - that I was just another notch on his bed post. I've never been more humiliated or embarrassed in my life and I destroyed my marriage and family in the process.

female 3.png

Jane Doe, 41


I heard about his reputation only after we were involved in an extramarital relationship. Jason will say and do anything to get his way. He's a very toxic individual and I learned a very hard lesson trusting him.

female 2.png

Jane Doe, 42


I was in an unhappy marriage and turned to Jason since I had known him for years. Somehow he convinced me to move in with him leaving my children and husband behind against my better judgement. It wasn't long thereafter I discovered the truth. I was just a pawn as he manipulated me countless times until I finally had the courage to leave.

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